Thursday, August 6, 2015

An Office Ensemble

Hello my wonderful petals, 

I am so so so sorry for the absence again. It seems it's getting harder and harder to post regularly with my internship but I'm here with a new post! 
I promised in my last one that I would talk about my trip to Ayia Napa; I went with two of my really close guy friends, we headed out after 4pm, drove there, had some dinner, went for a swim in the beautiful sea and then went dancing. 

The sea water in Ayia Napa is spectacular, an exquisite turquoise color and the sand is so white. The clubs there were something else, it was absolute chaos but it was very entertaining; just drunk, half-naked British people. I had so much fun dancing at the Castle Club though, my friends had to drag me out of there because I didn't want to stop. 

Apart from that not too much has been happening, just hanging out with friends from work, constantly working where I am learning so much and gaining a lot of experience. I've been going to the beach a lot with my mom and my sister and have gotten a kick-ass tan! 

This weekend we have a company party because our firm turns 3 years old on Saturday. That's going to be really fun, full of laughter and good vibes. I will be sure to show you guys my outfit and some photos of the night life. 

Okay, so onto today's outfit.
I shot this outfit a little over a week ago; this is the usual kind of outfit I wear to work. I wanted to share an office look, to show you that you can look professional but still look stylish and cute. If you read my post "My DressLink Wishlist", DressLink ended up seeing it and sent me the items. The dress I wanted ended up being too short but my sister had the smart idea of cutting it into a t-shirt. I paired my newly created t-shirt with a black pencil skirt, my favorite pair of flats and accented everything with playful jewelry and a tropical bag.

What do you think? Is this an outfit you could see yourself wearing to work?

Light and love,

TOP: DRESSLINK (used to be a dress)
SKIRT: PIMKIE (Similar here from Romwe)